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GlowFrog Weekly Backup Service - Submit a Backup Restore Request

GlowFrog’s automated backup system runs weekly every Saturday around 4am6am Eastern Time. Our backup system retains three of your most recent backups, one per week. All new backups created replace the previous oldest backup. Please keep this in mind when making large changes to your website. Don’t forget to view and follow Good Backup Practices!

Please note that our backups are provided as a courtesy on an as-is basis. It is an automated system that creates a backup and uploads to our remote cloud backup service. While our backup service is generally pretty reliable, please do not rely on our backup service as your primary source of backups! You should still be practicing good backup practices.

  • Runs Every Saturday at 4am EST
  • Retains 3 Most Recent Backups
  • Provided as a Courtesy for Emergency Purposes


Back Up Restore Request - Process

  1.  Submit a Backup Backup Restore Request
  2.  Backup Restoration Ticket will be created to process and notify you once the restoration is complete.
  3.  Check your email including your spam folder for confirmation and updates.

Backup Restore Request(s) are treated as High Priority and will be Restored ASAP. The time it takes to Restore Your Backup depends on the size of the backup and the time it takes for the system to complete the restoration. We will restore the backup as quickly as possible. ETA's are not possible due to too many variables involved but we will do our best to communicate with you regarding the status of your Backup Restore Request. 

Although these requests are high priority, the requests must handled in the order they are received. Although very rare, if we receive a large number of requests simultaneously this can affect the time to completion. If this happens we will do our best to keep you informed. Generally these requests are handled and completed within the hour but we are unable to guarantee any specific time frame due to the number of variables involved including, account size, system processing, etc.

Please see our Backup Policy and Ensure your are Following GlowFrog Hosting Good Backup Practices!


Can't wait? Restore from ABS - GlowFrog Hosting Backups, Yourself:

You now have the ability to restore from ABS via cPanel! Learn How: Restore From GlowFrog Hosting Created Backups (ABS) Yourself in cPanel





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