1. Create a Full cPanel Backup

    Accessing cPanel from within FrogDen is a hitch:

    1. Log into cPanel
    2. Once logged in click on the 'Backup' icon

    cPanel Backup icon

    3. Click on the 'Download a Full Account Backup' icon

    cPanel Download a Full Backup

    4. Make sure the 'Home Directory' location is selected for Backup Destination, type in your email address, then click 'Generate Backup'

    cPanel Generate Full Backup

    5) You will see the message "Full Backup in Progress..". When it's complete, you'll receive a notification in email (check your spam folder). You can follow steps 1-3 to see the backup file when it's ready, then click on the blue link to download it to your computer.


    Need Help with Your cPanel username and/or password? Submit a Ticket or Emailsupport@glowfroghosting.com

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