How to Log in to cPanel

Option #1 - Access cPanel from within Frog Den

Accessing cPanel from within FrogDen is a hitch:

  1. Log into FrogDen
  2. Once logged in you should see your "Welcome Back, and your name". There will be 4 icons underneath. Click on Hosting :

GlowFrog Hosting Account

3. You should then be directed your Products and Services Page. You should see your domain, hosting plan and a green Active button to indicate your Hosting Account is active. Click on Active        (or anywhere in the white space between the columns)

4. You will then be redirected to your Products Details page where you can access cPanel. Click on Login to cPanel underneath the Actions section on the left to be automatically logged in to your cPanel account.

Option #2 - Access cPanel through your browser address bar

  1. Visit the following URL to get to your cPanel login:

    Note! Replace the term with your actual domain name.

  2. Type in your cPanel username and password.

How to Find Your cPanel Username

Need Help with Your cPanel username and/or password? Submit a Ticket or Email:

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