Upload Files via File Manager in cPanel

You can Upload your Files for Your Website Using File Manager in cPanel:

Where do I upload my files?

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Once logged in click on the 'File Manager' icon

cPanel File Manager Icon

3. You Will be Redirected to File Manager. This is where all of your files for your website are stored. See Example Below:

cPanel File Manager

4. To Upload a file, Browse to the Folder you wish to Upload your File(s) to by using the Navigation Pane on the Left or by Double Clicking on the Folder inside of the File Browser in the Center. In our Example, we will double click on 'public_html' to open up our Main Domain's folder. Not sure which folder to choose? See:Where do I Upload my Files?

cPanel File Manager Browse to Folder

5. You will now be shown the contents of the folder you've selected inside of the File Browser in the Center.

Click 'Upload' to Upload your File(s) into the Current Folder.

cPanel File Manager Upload

6. You will be redirected to the upload Screen. Click 'Select File' to Browse Your Computer for the file you want to upload, or drag and drop files from your computer into the box to upload multiple files at once.

cPanel File Manager Upload Select File

Where should you upload your Files? You should upload your files to the Document Root for your Domain. See Where do I Upload my Files? for help finding the Document Root for your Domain.

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