1. Log into FrogDen
2. From the Client Area, click on the Services Block to access your Hosting Services.

FrogDen Services

3. You will see a list of your active services. Click anywhere on your Active Hosting Product to open the Hosting Area for your domain.

Frog Den Active Services

4. Scroll down to your Quick Shortcuts and click on the Softaculous Icon.
FrogDen Quick Shortcuts Softaculous


5. This will open up the Apps Installer window. Search for WordPress using the Search Feature or Click on the WordPress icon from the Top Scripts Section:
Softaculous WordPress icon
6. Fill out the form with your WordPress installation details . We will describe them for you below:
Softaculous WordPress Installation Details
Software Setup
Choose Domain Select the Domain you want to install your WordPress on from the drop-down menu.
In Directory Leave this blank to install on the domain directly. If you would like to install WordPress into a subfolder such as exampledomain.com/wordpress, type the folder name in this field.
Admin Username Enter a username for your WordPress Dashboard login.
Admin Password Enter the password you want to use in order to Login to Your WordPress Dashboard once the Install Completes
Admin email Enter an email address you’d like to use for recovering your password. We recommend using something like Gmail or Yahoo instead of your domain email.
7. Click Install! That’s it! Your WordPress site should be installed. If the domain is live you should be able to access your WordPress site right away. Click on the Administrative URL link to Login to WordPress.


Softaculous WordPress Has Been Installed Successfully

Important Note! If you recently pointed your Domain to GlowFrog Hosting, you may not see your website right away. The time it takes for a website to become accessible after making DNS Changes is known as a period of DNS Propagation and can take up to 24/hours to fully propagate. You can use a Host File Modification in the mean time to look at your site early and start editing it right away.


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